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But we are building towards that future today. In conclusion, Hynes said that his talk at Inspirefest will be about leadership as organisations such as AIB digitally transform. Tickets for Inspirefest are available now. In-Depth: Inspirefest. John Kennedy is an award-winning technology journalist who served as editor of Siliconrepublic.

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Dylan Collins: Why is Ireland going for lowest age for digital consent? Digital safety: Why society needs to get smarter about smartphones Safer Internet Day Tips for parents and teachers Are Irish people becoming addicted to their smartphones? Which countries get the most value for money out of Netflix?

Simply call or drop in to your local branch and ask to speak to a Student Officer.

Whatever you are saving for - a J1, a new phone, or just a big night out - why not check out the different AIB Savings products. If you have questions, need more information, or simply want to talk to one of our team, you can:. Contact our dedicated Student Centre 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 6pm on Saturdays. Important information regarding cookies AIB uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience, to create a secure and effective website for our customers and to provide advertising we think may be of interest to you.

Choose the car insurance that’s right for you

You can find out more here. I have read this notice. Topics covered include: definition of strategic HRM; the legal environment; workforce planning, recruitment and selection; training and development; performance management; compensation. This subject provides an in-depth knowledge of the strategic management process and gives an exposure to the concepts and theories of competing in international markets. Pre-requisites: May normally be undertaken only after completing at least 3 AQF level 8.

This subject provides the skills and knowledge required to plan, manage and close projects that achieve the goals and objectives on time, within cost and to the quality required, regardless of the line of business or industry. Topics covered include: project lifecycle; scope management and work breakdown structure; project scheduling using the critical chain approach; project resourcing; project control: planning and managing project risks; performance measurement and managing project teams.

Pre-requisites: May be undertaken only after completing a minimum of 3 AQF level 8 subjects which must include Operations Management. Choose any three electives as long as all prerequisites are met. In addition to elective subjects listed under specialisation areas, the following electives are also available: Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for Managers available from Term 3, and Cyber Security for Managers available from Term 4, This course provides advanced understanding of the entrepreneurial mind-set.

Entrepreneurs are pioneers, innovators, leaders and inventors. They are catalysts for change who shape the competitive global marketplace and have significant impact on our global economy. Topics covered include: the practice of entrepreneurship, how to foster an innovative work environment in addition to being able to formulate, develop, grow, manage and commercialise ideas through business creation. It is recommended that Entrepreneurship is studied before New Venture Creation. Entrepreneurship develops the entrepreneurial mindset while New Venture Creation is the practical planning of a new venture.

This subject will assist students in understanding how to build a digital enterprise by recognising and validating an entrepreneurial idea and convert this into a viable, revenue generating digital enterprise. Students will cover validating the idea, developing value propositions, market desirability, feasibility and viability, business model, digital brand management, website design, plugins, affiliate marketing, organic marketing, paid marketing, brand growth and online brand protection.

The subject provides scholarly and practical in-depth knowledge of the business practices, processes and management for Consultants, Managers and Owners of consulting firms and those with expertise considering consulting as a profession. Topics covered include: Starting a consulting business including financial and legal considerations; tips on surviving the first year, which include networking, database building and digital marketing initiatives; the actual process, which includes agreements, strategies, interviewing techniques and tips, agreements and strategies; creating a consulting relationship with clients; developing effective systems including negotiating fees, billing, contracts and insurance and finally, growing the business and productivity considerations.

This subject is also highly suitable for managers using consulting services and Internal Consultants, i. The objective of the subject is to provide an integrated framework and analytical tools that are used by the firm managers to make financial decisions that improve firm value. The topics covered include the concept of time value of money, simple and sophisticated capital budgeting techniques, valuations of bonds and shares, estimation of cost of capital, optimal capital structure, and firm payout policy. This subject presents a detailed overview of the features of the Australian financial system and enables an in-depth understanding of complex institutions, markets, and securities that form the basis of modern financial and monetary systems.

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  • The subject covers banking, payment systems, financial regulators and institutions, fundamentals of fund management as well as money and capital markets. The objective of the subject is to provide comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge on investment management. The subject covers major theoretical concepts, namely, modern portfolio theory, diversification, and equilibrium models of security prices. The subject also includes macroeconomic and industry analysis, pricing of main financial derivatives, and evaluation of portfolio performance.

    This subject aims to develop the knowledge and skills to support and critically evaluate contemporary organisational learning and development practices.

    Topics covered include e-learning, workforce planning and HR metrics, talent management, coaching and mentoring, and its application in the workplace. Students will gain an understanding of how organisations:. In the context of the multinational enterprise MNEs this subject explores how globalisation has influenced and impacted human resource management practices. Topics include: the cultural context of international HRM IHRM , cross-border alliances, human resource planning, international performance management, training and development, career management, compensation, industrial relations in the global institutional context, and future trends in IHRM.

    This subject focuses on organisation change: why it occurs, how it occurs, how it can be managed, and what forms it can take. The complexities of change present real challenges for managers and leaders, and hence, challenges for managers and leadership in times of change are also addressed.

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    Topics include: understanding change; strategy and change; change tools; new organisational forms; HRM and change; leadership and change; resistance to change; measuring change. The subject highlights the importance of consumer behaviour concepts and theories in understanding the consumer decision making process.

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    The subject addresses knowledge and analytical skills to assess the influence of internal factors i. There is an expectation that modern enterprises engage in digital marketing providing positive brand experiences for their customers and other stakeholders. Because customers engage online and offline with brands, digital marketing is increasingly important to understand. This subject is designed to provide students with an understanding of digital marketing.

    AIB Personal Banking – Allied Irish Banks

    Students will learn about the various types of digital marketing as well as to how to plan, deploy, manage and evaluate a digital marketing strategy. The objective of this subject is to use design thinking as a framework and methodology to design new products, whether that be goods, services, ideas or experiences. This subject takes the student through new product design from conception through to the launch of a new product. Students will learn empathy mapping, ideation, prototyping, testing, implementing and the cycle of continuous improvement in digital and offline environments.

    This subject explores how and why countries trade with and invest in each other, and the global monetary system. It also provides a critical approach that presents the arguments for and against economic theories, government policies, business strategies, organisational structures, and their managerial implications.

    Ensuring the enjoyment of food - everywhere

    This subject provides students with in-depth knowledge of the concepts and practise of integrated logistics management including the contribution that logistics makes to the effectiveness of the supply chain. The subject focuses on the management and control of the positioning and the flow of goods and services within the supply chain infrastructure.

    Topics include: customer relationship management, procurement, integrated logistics operations, supply chain design. This subject provides in-depth knowledge of the concepts and practice of strategic supply chain management. Strategic supply chain management is largely concerned with the supply infrastructure and the long-term strategic relationship management needed to facilitate the critical competitive logistics flows through the supply system.

    Topics include the design, management and control of systems and networks of supply that connect organisations with their suppliers and customers. This is the final subject of the MBA. The objective of this subject is to undertake a project related to the chosen specialisation. Students will identify an appropriate workplace-based research problem, conduct a small literature review, analyse the data relating to the workplace or industry, and present findings in a formal business research report.

    Students will be provided with the access to online materials during their last stage prior to the project start date. With the flexibility and convenience of 6 start dates every year, you can start your MBA when it suits you. Check Eligibility Now. Course fees applicable as of 1st Jan Instead, we invest in quality education and academic teams, student support services and innovative technological advancements. Ever wondered what an MBA could be worth to you? Remember, before you make any financial decisions, you should get information and advice from qualified professionals regarding your personal circumstances and financial affairs.

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